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and i'm finally free

i am jesi
i hate...

people who waste my time, liars, the human race, human nature, things being too clean, driving stick shift cars, math, noisy pets, litter boxes, lima beans, the useless clique in my culinary class, people who have wasted my time in the past, my family (cept my brother), Florida, wars, racism, homophobes
...i love

orange juice in a wine glass, things that are out of place, my lovely and crazy cat, writing poetry and working on my books, a good conspiracy theory, spellcheck, skipping, green and black, scene hair, my scene pants, photography, my pen pals, my online friends, jrock, jpop, jrap, kpop, krap, jdramas, kdramas, music, miyavi, reading (tho I never get around to it much anymore), old books, psychology, culinary, eyeliner, anything cute, my friends, gay people (they make me smile! ;D), deviantArt, travel, Japan, Asians, Asian countries, history, english, spanish, international music, fake nails, pedicures, laptops, Vancouver, my daddy (deceased), British television (specially Torchwood!), Nintendo Wii, people who confuse me for a boy, Credit to perfect_smoke for the profile layout and journal layout credit to milou_veronica
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